Firmware version numbers and release dates are normally included in the file name as follows: (Product_ProcVer_yymmdd.extn). Product is the product type, such as M10, Proc is the embedded processor target for the code (PIC microcontroller or FPGA), Ver is the version number, and yymmdd is the release date (year-month-day).

G2 products with A60 processors use a single integrated firmware release zip file that combines processor application and operating system code, plus FPGA codes. The PTC DiagnosticG2 program uses the zip file directly - there is no need to unzip it before uploading.

Firmware and host software is generally backwards-compatible. Where earlier hardware is incompatible, an alternative version is provided. If you have a complete Pyramid control system with customized firmware for your application, you should contact us before attempting any upgrades. If you need more information about compatibility, please contact

Downloaded files should be saved to your hard disk automatically. However some browsers may open and display firmware files that are in ASCII format rather than saving them. If this happens, right-click on the link and select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As ...".

PTC DiagnosticG1

Host software for all Pyramid Technical Consultants G1 products. Also called PTC Diagnostic, PTC DiagnosticG1 and PSI Loop Diagnostic.

The following Pyramid products are supported:
A500, B10, M10, M10C, M40, N2400, F100, I200, I3200, I400, I404, IC101, H10, H20
(Discontinued products : A200, A300, D100, S100, F3200)

This application requires the latest .NET framework. This is included on all new Windows PCs, or you can download it from the Microsoft website here.

Installer PTCDiagnosticSetup-V4_170.msi Version: 4.170

PTC DiagnosticG2

Device diagnostic software for Pyramid Technical Consultants G2 and G1 products.

You must uninstall any and all previous versions of PTCDiagnosticG2 before installing a new version.

The following Pyramid products are currently supported:
A360, A500, A560, M10, M40, N2400, F3200E, F460, I128, I6400, I3200, IC101, C400, H20, I200, I400, I404

Enquire about PTC DiagnosticG2 releases for Linux.

Installer PTCDiagnosticSetup-V7.4.0_build1039.msi Version: 7.4.0 (build 1039)


IG2 for EPICS and other connectivity to Pyramid devices using Channel Access Server. Interfaces for a wide range of client programs are able to access EPICS data (EPICS).

The following Pyramid products are supported:
A360, A500, A560, B10, C400, F100, F3200E, F460, I3200, I128, IC101, I200, H20, M10, M40, N2400

Unzip the file to create the IG2 directory system and refer to the documentation subdirectory. IG2 is the data service; the client programs using the data can be on the same or other computers on your network.

Our Linux version of IG2 was compiled on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit, and is provided without warranty and may not work on your specific version of Linux. You will need to install the 3rd party "rpcbind" package (available via aptitude, yast, etc) to communicate successfully with C400.

IG2 installation (prior release) Version: 2.5.3
IG2 installation Version: 2.5.5
Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit LTS) IG2 Installation Version: 2.6.7

USB Drivers

USB driver files (Windows) for all Pyramid devices with USB ports. See the installation notes or the relevant user manuals for installation procedure.

Drivers USB driver Version: 32 bit
Installation notes USB driver installation.pdf Version: 32 bit
Drivers Serial to USB Version: 64 bit


A library of National Instruments(R) LabVIEW Virtual Instruments for Pyramid Technical Consultants, Inc. products. The library is for use with LabVIEW 8.0 or later.

The library interfaces to an intermediate Microsoft(R) .NET layer (Interpreter.dll and dependency PTCScreenControls.dll), that then interfaces to the Pyramid Technical Consultants, Inc. win32 C++ class library, PTC_Controls32.dll. These DLLs require the .NET framework v2.0. This is included on all new Windows PCs, or you can download it from the Microsoft website here.

The installer will install all files to a directory in your Program Files folder called "Pyramid Technical Consultants, Inc\PTC_ControlsLV LabVIEW Library", with subdirectories for the library files and the reference documentation.

The release covers the A500, I200 and I3200 products. Pyramid recommends the IG2 software for new projects that use Labview. See links to .vi files in individual product download screens for examples using IG2 connection.

The utilities vi packages provide support for LabVIEW developers creating serial ASCII connections to Pyramid devices. Use the terminal mode package if the device uses or is set to terminal mode (gives "OK" response to valid commands). Use the non-terminal mode package if the device is set to standard SCPI mode (no response to valid messages unless they are queries).

Installer LVSetup.msi
Library update
Documentation PTC_ControlsLV_Reference.pdf
Documentation PTC_LVASCII_Utils_Readme.txt