128+1 channel charge integrator



  • 128 parallel integrator channels for strip or wire readout
  • Multirange I-V converter and gated integrator input for dose plane readout
  • External trigger input and trigger passthrough
  • Dose target, dose accumulation and beam control
  • Monitor pulse output
  • Integrated digitization and calibration using precision current sources
  • Fast Ethernet connection and internal buffering allows contiguous data at high rates
  • Integrated HV supply with loopback verification
  • Integrated analog and digital input/output lines for ionization chamber environmental sensor readout or other purposes
  • Integrated pneumatic actuator control
  • On-board processors for real time beam position and shape verification, dose control and map execution
  • Integrated dosimetry safety features including beam enable safety relay and override switch
  • Dual fiber-optic loop controller capability to handle multiple slave devices
  • Fiber optic fast beam control line
  • Compact 1U 19" format


  • Particle therapy beam position measurement and dosimetry
  • Multistrip ionization chamber readout
  • Particle range verifier readout
  • General multichannel low-current measurement


Datasheet: I128_DS_200422.pdf 

Datasheet (Chinese): I128_DS_141013_CN.pdf 

User manual: I128_UM_200422.pdf 

2D drawing: I128.dxf 

3D drawing: I128.step 

Integrated firmware package for rev4 (for rev3 or below, contact us):