Scientific Applications

The scientific research market brings together users from many communities: physical sciences, materials science, chemistry, biology and medicine. Workers in these diverse fields often come together at major facilities, perhaps the most obvious example being the national and international synchrotron light sources. Whether you are based at a synchrotron, at a government institute or a university research group, you want measurement devices and controls that allow you to operate your system and collect the data you need quickly, efficiently and reliably. Since the company was founded, Pyramid has worked with leading researchers who demand this.

We offer a broad range of established products for reading out single or multichannel detectors, controlling power supplies and motion devices, and communicating with host computers. With these building blocks, you can configure integrated experiments to gather time-resolved data, perform real-time data reduction, and synchronize timing with your other equipment. If the standard product configuration does not exactly meet your needs, we can often produce customized versions by exploiting the programmable embedded controllers used throughout our products. Pyramid is pleased to work with FMB-Oxford Ltd to supply products to the international synchrotron beamline community. Through this relationship, our products can be found in most of the major synchrotron light sources around the world.