More Connectivity Options for Pyramid Products

Aug 18, 2015 - Software options including EPICS LabVIEW and Control System Studio

Pyramid measurement and control products are designed to connect to computer systems for operation and data taking. Many of the products have interfaces suitable for direct connection to a computer such as Ethernet, serial RS232/RS485 or USB. The smaller embedded products connect to the computer via a fiber optic loop controller like the A500 or A360.

Depending on the product, there are many host software options including:

  • The Pyramid Diagnostic programs which are available for all products
  • The Pyramid IG2 service which connects to EPICS and then to Control System Studio native data logging utilities or the Control System Studio GUI creation program BOY.
  • Connection via the Pyramid IG2 service to EPICS and then to various clients including LabVIEW, Python, Java, Matlab, C#, C++ and others.
  • For the products with serial ASCII interfaces, you can create LabVIEW programs that talk directly.
  • If you have access to a software development team, you can create your own host system using the PTCControls32 library.

Pyramid is creating a set of demonstration user interfaces for EPICS plus Control System Studio, EPICS plus LabVIEW and LabVIEW alone using a serial ASCII connection. Check the Downloads page for the latest examples, or call us if you wish to discuss interfacing a particular product.

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Firmware version numbers and release dates are normally included in the file name as follows: (ProductProcVeryymmdd.extn). Product is the product type, such as M10, Proc is the embedded processor target for the code (PIC microcontroller or FPGA), Ver is the version number, and yymmdd is the release date (year-month-day).

G2 products with A60 processors use a single integrated firmware release zip file that combines processor application and operating system code, plus FPGA codes. The PTC DiagnosticG2 program uses the zip file directly - there is no need to unzip it before uploading.

Firmware and host software is generally backwards-compatible. Where earlier hardware is incompatible, an alternative version is provided. If you have a complete Pyramid control system with customized firmware for your application, you should contact us before attempting any upgrades. If you need more information about compatibility, please contact