I400 Available with TRT Connectors

Mar 21, 2016 - New Connector options on I400

The I400 four-channel electrometer combines sensitive current measurement with the ability to bias the signal measuring circuit up to 400 V relative to ground. This makes it suitable for reading out miniature ionization chambers. These chambers typically provide the signal on an electrode which must be a few hundred volts relative to ground to bias the chamber. This feature requires the use of triaxial signal connections to eliminate unwanted leakage currents in cables and connectors. Up to now the I400 has been supplied with 3-lug triaxial bayonet connectors. Customers may now request the widely-used TRT threaded triaxial connector. This allows direct connection of a wide range of proven dosimetry chambers.

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Control Systems

Pyramid devices are modular and pefect for distributed control systems. Easy to use software and networking make prototyping and integration rapid. Pyramid provides long term customer support and high reliability for final production systems.

Our devices can tolerate high levels of HF, RF and transient electrical noise. The real time fiber optic communications between controllers and front-end devices are completely immune to electrical interference. Fiber optics can also span voltage gaps of hundreds of kilovolts. An example application is control of the power supplies in the the high voltage terminal of an accelerator ion source.

Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is well established for the treatment of localized cancer tumors, especially when there are vital organs close by. This healthy tissue sparing makes it the method of choice for maintaining quality of life and especially for treating children. The proton beam delivery is fast and painless.

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