128-Channel Electrometer


  • 128 parallel integrator channels
  • External trigger input and trigger passthrough
  • Integrated digitization and calibration using precision current sources
  • Ethernet connection
  • Integrated HV supply with loopback verification
  • Compact 1U 19" format


  • Multistrip ionization chamber readout
  • Particle range verifier readout
  • General multichannel low-current measurement

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Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is well established for the treatment of localized cancer tumors, especially when there are vital organs close by. This healthy tissue sparing makes it the method of choice for maintaining quality of life and especially for treating children. The proton beam delivery is fast and painless.

Proton therapy centers worldwide use Pyramid sensors, electronics, and software. Pyramid offers products for complete systems, sub-systems, or components. For more information see our Pencil Beam Scanning Brochure