Scanning Nozzle

Integrated pencil beam scanning system

Our scanning nozzle is a clinical ready complete scanning system. It is highly modular and allows for extensive client customization. Each installation can include magnets, power supplies, ion chambers, software, and electrometers.

Our systems operate everyday in hundreds of clinical sites around the world.

Scanning Magnets

Charged particle beams scan over a target volume using high speed magnets. Pyramid designs our own magnets to ensure excellent performance and uniformity.

High Speed Dosimetry

Reliable and fast dosimetry is at the core of any radiation therapy center. Our custom electrometer designs fit this exact application. They use a mix of high density and high precision charge measurement hardware. Each electrometer includes safety relays and constantly performs QA checks during a treatment.

Gold Standard Ion Chambers

Ion chambers offer an ideal mix of good reliability and minimal beam interference. Our ICs all include integrated environmental sensors.

Touch Screen Monitor

  • Track and manage dosimetry sessions using touch screen controls and physical buttons.
  • Integrated key switch for hard authentication requirements
  • Emergency stop with configurable relays

Beam Quality Analysis

Pyramid offers a wide range of beam quality measurement devices. These devices work with our nozzle system or augment an existing nozzle system.