Magnetic Field Console


  • Readout of up to 4 HP-1 probes
  • Web-based device communications for remote readout and control
  • Field measurement range of 700G to 28kG
  • Sample rate from 1Hz to 25kHz
  • Built-in test suite
  • Integrated EPROM in Magnetic Field Probe
  • High radiation resistance
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Standard DB9 female connectors


  • Field measurement in DC and AC electromagnets
  • Feedback element for closed loop field control, for scanning and ramped magnet systems

HP1 Hall Probe

  • Radiation resistance suitable for accelerator environments
  • Integrated temperature sensor used for dynamic correction
  • Integrated precision gain amplifier
  • Integrated radiation resistant calibration memory
  • Capable of measuring fields as low as 0.1 Gauss and as high as 2.8k Gauss (2.8 Tesla)
  • Low noise and high accuracy traceable to NMR standards
  • Designed for DC or AC signals
  • Optional 3D printed custom housing to fit any magnet

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