The wide range of Pyramid electronic devices is suited to applications in research, industrial control, semiconductor processing and medical therapy. On-board signal conditioning, digitization, and calibration allow systems to be assembled with the minimum amount of additional equipment. The use of fast, flexible and robust deterministic fiber-optic communications links allows the user to form an integrated system that can be distributed over a large facility. Fiber-optics provide excellent noise-immunity over long cable runs and are able to cross high voltage gaps without problems. Real-time controllers with up to ten loop ports allow the optimum balance of speed and capacity: up to 15 devices can be connected on each loop if needed. Many devices include other interfaces such as RS-232, RS-485, USB and Ethernet.

The latest G2 device family provides Ethernet communications, large on-board data buffers and sophisticated triggering options. G2 devices are able to act as fiber optic loop controllers, so forming the heart of a larger system. The IG2 communication program, available to all users of compatible Pyramid products, abstracts the Pyramid hardware to provide a simple and direct programming interface. This includes connection via EPICS, and so in turn to the large range of client programs that work with EPICS.

Major product families:

  • IC-series - Transmission ionization chambers for high-energy particle beams
  • ~
  • A-series - Fiber-optic loop controllers
  • M-series - Power supply control and general purpose analog and digital I/O
  • I-series - Charge integrators with one up to 129 channels
  • F-series - Current electrometers with one up to 32 channels
  • C-series - Pulse discrimination and counting
  • H-series - Magnetic field probes

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