Collector Family 1

Faraday Cup Collectors

A Faraday collector comprises conductive material or an assembly of materials housed within a shielded enclosure. Our collectors are designed to capture charged particles in a standard atmospheric environment, eliminating the need for expensive and complex vacuum systems or high voltage biasing.

These devices are particularly well-suited for system commissioning and daily QA procedures, offering a practical and efficient solution for various applications.

MLFC-128 Render


Multi-Layer Faraday Collector for Particle Energy Measurement

BC-145 Render


Large Faraday Cup Collector for Scanned Beam Particle Therapy QA



Faraday Cup Beam Collector for Particle Therapy QA and Diagnostics

PX1 Closeup


Flash therapy stands as a breakthrough in radiation therapy. Our commitment centers on delivering researcher-focused, state-of-the-art Flash therapy instruments, prioritizing accessibility and promoting collaboration within the industry.

For expert guidance and partnership opportunities in upcoming radiation therapy endeavors, engage with our dedicated engineering and sales team team today.

Isocenter Rail IC64-6 BC-75

Isocenter Diagnostics Equipment

Our isocenter equipment line expands the capabilities of medical and research institutions by catering to underserved applications and addressing intricate use cases. By providing modular and integrated solutions customized to meet each customer's distinct requirements, we enhance their overall experience and outcomes.

Combinations of detectors and electronics combine into pre-packaged experiments and QA tools. MLFC-128, BC-75, IC64-6, PX-3, F460, I128, and the IC-101 integrate to fit your specifications.

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