IC Family Render

Ion Chambers

Pyramid's transmission ionization chambers are designed to provide high-precision measurements of ionizing radiation in proton and heavy ion therapy applications. With advanced electrode coating and patterning, precise strip and pixel patterns enable accurate position readout. The chambers are available in a range of sensitive areas and electrode gaps, making them adaptable to different system geometries and beam currents.

Ideal for proton therapy dose and beam position monitoring, our ionization chambers are the preferred choice due to their robustness, gain stability, low material budget in the beam path, and large continuous sensing areas.

IC64-6 Render


64x64 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber

IC256-45 Render


256 Strip QC Ion Chamber

IC128-25 Render


128x128 Strip Transmission Monitor Ion Chamber with Dose Plane

IC64-16 Render


64 Strip Transmission Small Gap IC for Flash Therapy



Mini Quadrant Ion Chamber

PX3 Render


120 Pixel Transmission Ion Chamber



16x16 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber

BPM16-38 Render


Beam Position Monitor Gantry Compatible Strip Ionization Chamber



64 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber



32x32 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber



120 Pixel Ion Chamber

PX1 Closeup


Flash therapy stands as a breakthrough in radiation therapy. Our commitment centers on delivering researcher-focused, state-of-the-art Flash therapy instruments, prioritizing accessibility and promoting collaboration within the industry.

For expert guidance and partnership opportunities in upcoming radiation therapy endeavors, engage with our dedicated engineering and sales team team today.

Close Up on Strips

Thin-film Strip Detector

Strip detectors have a balance between accuracy on beam position and noise levels. Our strip detectors offer the highest resolution and lowest noise on the market.

  • Laser-machined polyimide electrode substrates
  • High geometric precision
  • Radiation hard with minimal scattering
  • Gold plated readout electrodes
IC Pixel Grid Close Up

Pixelated Detector

Pixelated detectors offer many advantages over strip detectors as they are capable of determining beam shape without ambiguity.

  • High precision pixels on gold film provide excellent reliability
  • Fine resolution data enable confidence in beam quality
  • Compliments the strengths of the gamma index
Hand testing IC

Expertly Built

Electrodes etched with unique laser technology. Assembled and tested by highly skilled technicians in our USA facility.

  • Rigorously tested beyond the operating range for uniformity
  • Tested with real radiation sources
  • White glove treatment from start to finish
  • Full documentation provided for each instrument

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