C400 - Four Channel Pulse Counter

The C400 counts fast pulses generated by photomultipliers, avalanche photodiodes, and similar devices. It has four parallel channels that are configurable independent of each other. It provides high voltage bias for sensors and low voltage power for preamplifiers. Several units can measure in sync using a common trigger or encoder pulses.


  • Four independent channels with fast discriminators, scalers, preamp power and high voltage
  • 10 nsec pulse pair resolution
  • 150 MHz discriminator bandwidth
  • Trigger distribution facility for large detector arrays
  • Quadrature encoder input for data synchronization with goniometer
  • Test pulser output for each channel
  • Monitor output for each channel


  • Fast scintillator readout, NaI, LaCl3 , LaBr3 and YAP crystals
  • Avalanche photodiode readout
  • Detector array readout for area and position sensing detectors
  • Crystal diffraction experiments
HV emco

Integrated High Voltage

  • Avoids the need for a separate external HV supply.
  • Precise programmable voltage control.
  • Choice of polarity, positive or negative, and range up to 3000V depending on the product.
  • Shared ground with measurement electronics to eliminate ground loops.
  • Short circuit protection and redundant output voltage monitoring.

Fiber Optics

Measurement data is transmitted through state-of-the-art fiber-optic cables. The benefits are numerous compared to other forms of data transmission.

  • Fiber-optics are immune to electrical interference
  • Minimal attenuation of light through fibers
  • Fast messaging over enormous distances
  • Radiation hard fiber materials

IG2 EPICS Support

Integrate device data collection and configuration into an EPICS system, without writing a single line of code using IG2.

  • Runs on Windows and Debian Linux
  • Change PV names with simple XML configuration
  • Connect to multiple Pyramid devices at once
  • Add custom scale factors and offsets on a PV basis
  • Never have to recompile
  • Professional Pyramid support for bugs and features


Configurable EPICS channel access server for G2 and G1 devices



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