IG2 - Configurable EPICS channel access server for G2 and G1 devices

Introducing IG2

IG2 is a pre-compiled binary application designed to operate seamlessly on both Windows and Linux systems. Its primary function is to establish a connection with Pyramid devices, serving as a conduit for data distribution via the industry standard EPICS - a robust Channel Access Server. IG2 takes care of all networking aspects related to Pyramid devices, relieving you of that complexity.

Adjusting your configuration or modifying the names of Process Variables (PVs) is straightforward – just edit an XML file and restart IG2. We've engineered IG2 with simplicity in mind, aiming to eliminate the need for our customers to compile anything and to ensure smooth integration into pre-existing EPICS systems.

Pyramid is committed to providing comprehensive support for IG2. If you need assistance with installation or configuration, feel free to contact us at support@ptcusa.com. We are more than happy to provide tailored examples to suit your specific applications and needs.

Compatible Products

IG2 is designed to support the following Pyramid products: A360, A500, A560, B10, C400, F100, F3200E, F460, I3200, I128, IC101, I200, H20, M10, M40, N2400

Installation Guide

  1. Download and unzip the IG2 file.
  2. Refer to the /docs directory for detailed instructions specific to your operating system.
  3. Adjust the configuration as per your needs in the /config directory.

Linux-specific Instructions

Our Linux version of IG2 is compiled on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit. Please note that we provide this version without any warranty and its compatibility with your specific Linux version may vary. To ensure successful communication with the C400 device, you will need to install the "rpcbind" package, which is available through package management tools like aptitude, yast, etc.

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