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If you are looking for device firmware, go to the device's page to get the latest version under downloads. All Pyramid Products

If you have a complete Pyramid control system with customized firmware for your application, you should contact us before attempting any upgrades. If you need more information about compatibility, please contact us and Create a Ticket.

G2 Diagnostic

G2 Diagnostic

  • Pyramid software built for clear, concise device readout and control of all G1 and G2 devices
  • Scan the network for all available devices or insert IP addresses manually
  • Easy to collect and save data collected in CSV format
  • Configure network settings
  • Easy to upload new device firmware

IG2 EPICS Support

Integrate device data collection and configuration into an EPICS system, without writing a single line of code using IG2.

  • Runs on Windows 7/8/10 and Debian Linux
  • Change PV names with simple XML configuration
  • Connect to multiple Pyramid devices at once
  • Add custom scale factors and offsets on a PV basis
  • Never have to recompile
  • Professional Pyramid support for bugs and features

PBA Screenshot


Analyze Beam Energy and Range

G2 Diagnostic Screenshot

G2 Diagnostic

Monitor and Control Devices


G1 Diagnostic

Monitor and Control G1 Devices



IGX is the control system running in most G3 devices


CM100 Validator

The CM100 Validator tool is used when modifying the configuration


IG2 - EPICS Server

EPICS server for G2 and G1 devices



A tool for viewing EPICS channels