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Pyramid manufactures precision instruments for the scientific and medical community.

We proudly serve researchers, hospitals, and system builders alike.

FLASH Ion Chambers

  • All gold electrodes with small gap
  • Recombination minimized for high currents
  • Dual axis high resolution strips
  • Specialized gas or open to atmosphere

MLFC-128 - Precision Proton Energy Measurement

  • Convenient no HV, water, or vacuum
  • Down to 0.1 MeV resolution over 250 MeV
  • Models for 60, 125 and 250 maximum energy
  • Unique MicroHex™ filter technology
  • Ready for FLASH currents

Easy Magnetic Measurement

  • High precision for DC, high speed for AC
  • Quick setup time with built-in web GUI
  • Rapid prototyping - one-liner HTTP JSON API
  • Radiation-resistant for beamline applications