Control Rack Croppped

Real-time Dosimetry Engine

BNCT is still young and so we have designed our dosimetry system to be as open to different configuration as possible. We aim to support the maximum number of dose models and detectors.

Create your model using any combination of the following variables

  • Neutron or Gamma Flux
  • Real or Estimated Blood Boron Concentration
  • Aperture Area
  • Distance to Surface
  • Proton Current and Energy
  • Elapsed or Qualifying Time
Dose Rack

Control Room UX

The CM100 is a convenient tertiary counting dosimeter with an integrated control panel. The CM100 paved the way for other high-end control consoles and continues to excel with each iteration.

  • Touch screen and physical buttons
  • Key switch for hard authentication plus software verification
  • Audible and configurable dose indicator
  • Emergency stop with configurable relays for flexible workflows
  • Battery backup with up to 1 hour of run time