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Proton Delivery System

The PDS (Proton Delivery System) is a modular hardware and software product. It affixes to an accelerator, transforming it into a modern proton therapy system. Our components have operated in treatment rooms daily for over a decade.

  • Fast - 250μs slew with 10,000Hz data
  • Complete - Detectors, dosimetry, magnets, and controls
  • FLASH - 1,000nA+ ionization chambers
  • Proven - pencil beam scanning controls: 18 years, over 80 rooms and counting
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The Pyramid PDS is always improving and evolving. Here is how we stack up against the latest competition.

Metric Pyramid Others
Spot Rate 1000Hz 400Hz
Data Rate 10,000Hz+ 1,000Hz
Beam Current 1,000nA+ 300nA
Resolution 0.1mm 0.1mm
Magnetic Slew 250μs >1000μs
Architecture Modular Monolithic
Octopole Render
IC64-6 Render
Dose Rack
Control Rack
MLFC Hex Energy Filter
Laser Table

Vertical Expertise

Pyramid designs, develops, and manufactures all our own detectors, electronics, and software. We cut through the noise and deliver products that work from day one.

  • Honest - Single source of truth when problems arise
  • Simple - Consolidated supplier interactions
  • Custom - Solutions for your requirements
  • Personal - From physics to software, real people ready to talk