CAB-HD44 - Low Noise 44-way D-Sub Cables for Precise Ion Chamber Readout

The CAB-HD44F-XXLN-HD44M is a 44-way screened cable specifically designed to work with Pyramid ionization chambers and multi-channel electrometers. This cable features an anti-triboelectric coating (N.E.Wire “Newtral”), offering an efficient solution to particle therapy beam position measurement, dosimetry, and multistrip ionization chamber readout. Every unit is individually tested for offset current to ensure optimal performance, while color-coded identification bands provide a convenient visual guide for users. The cable configuration comprises 44 individual cores of 26 AWG 66/44 tinned copper, insulated with polyethylene and coated with the same anti-triboelectric material.

Connectivity is assured through high-density 44-pin DSub female-to-male connectors, connected pin to pin. The connectors' screens are linked at both ends and to the connector shells to provide a consistent data transmission environment. The cable's offset leakage current is less than 2pA on each channel wire on a terminated cable. This low-noise, multiway cable has a rated maximum voltage of 65V, a durable PVC outer jacket in orange, and an overall outer diameter of 10.7mm. It can be flexibly bent with a minimum radius of 70mm, enabling it to fit in a variety of installation setups.

Pyramid Technical Consultants offers the CAB-HD44F-xxLN-HD44M in custom lengths to suit your specific requirements. In addition to customer cable labeling, color code options such as red, green, blue, and white bands at each end are available. It's important to note that while a maximum length of 100 feet (30.5m) is available, a recommended maximum length for particle therapy ionization chamber readout is 33 feet (10m) to minimize potential electrical interference and ground loop effects and to control capacitive load on the electrometer.


  • Anti-triboelectric Coating: The cable boasts an innovative anti-triboelectric coating, which significantly minimizes the potential impact of vibration and flexing on the cable's performance.
  • Specialized Design: The cable has been meticulously crafted for use with Pyramid ionization chambers and multichannel electrometers.
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance: Each cable is individually tested for leakage current, ensuring the highest standards of performance.
  • Customizable Lengths: To cater to diverse user requirements and specific installation setups, we offer these cables in a variety of custom lengths.


  • Particle Therapy Beam Position Measurement: This cable plays an instrumental role in the precision-oriented field of particle therapy. It assists in accurately measuring the position of the therapy beam, an essential factor in effective treatment.
  • Multistrip Ionization Chamber Readout: The cable is an integral part of the readout system for multistrip ionization chambers, a technology widely used in the field of radiation detection and measurement. With its high conductivity and low noise attributes, the cable facilitates clear, precise readouts, allowing for accurate ionization detection and data interpretation.
  • General Multichannel Low-current Measurement: Beyond the specific applications above, this cable is a versatile tool for any scenario requiring multichannel low-current measurements. Whether you're in research, industry, or healthcare, this cable supports the precise measurement and analysis of low-current signals across multiple channels, contributing to the accuracy and efficiency of your work.

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