NMR Calibration For Hall probes

New NMR calibration facility for Hall probe products.

An NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) magnetometer provides a direct high accuracy measurement of magnetic flux density based on the gyromagnetic ratio of protons.

Nuclear magnetic resonance magnetometers are the gold standard for magnetic field measurement. They exploit a precisely-known property of atmomic nuclei and the ability to measure frequency also with high precision and thus provide extraordinary accuracy. Pyramid has added a PT2026 magnetometer supplied by world-leaders Metrolab SA to provide a convenient in-house calibration capability of its range of precision Hall probes.

The magnets and power supplies used for production calibration at Pyramid were not originally designed with the requirements of NMR in mind, but with valuable assistance from Metrolab and the supply of customised NMR probes, a robust calibration system has been created.

T1 and HP1


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