T-1 with HP-1

T1: A Network Enabled Hall Probe

A new precision Hall probe product with excellent connectivity options

Large installations such as particle accelerators depend on accurately controlled magnetic fields in many locations. The fields need to be measured with high precision and in some case must be controlled to achieve an exact target value. The field being measured may be in a radiation environment.

The new T1 Hall probe system is a precise and compact device designed for such requirements. The HP-1 active probe has built-in temperature sensing and gain control and is designed to measure DC and AC fields up to 2.8 T. The NMR-traceable calibration is stored with the probe. The matching T1 control unit connects via Ethernet to your local area network and can be controlled through a web browser interface. It also provides an analog voltage monitor output that maps the field reading so that it can be tracked using a voltmeter or oscilloscope.

An optional field control servo feature allows the T1 to provide field stabilisation to target values sent via Ethernet, using the analog output voltage to control a power supply.

T1 and HP1


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