I128 - 128 Channel Charge Integrator Digital Electrometer

The I128 is Pyramid's flagship dosimeter instrument. It enables our scanning nozzle to deliver unparalleled precision and speed.


  • 128 parallel charge integrating channels
  • 1 gated integrator channel for dose plane
  • 1 trigger input and trigger pass-through
  • 1 fiber-optic pulse output proportional to dose plane
  • 1 fiber-optic output for beam control
  • 1 high voltage supply output with loop-back verification
  • Safety relay output
  • Ion chamber temperature, pressure, and humidity sensor inputs
  • Fiber-optic loop control handling many Pyramid slave devices
  • Capable of executing and verifying pencil beam treatment plans
  • Integrated precision current sources for on demand calibration
  • 10kHz buffered data available over Ethernet RPC connection
  • Compact 1U 19" format


  • Paired with an IC128-25
  • Particle therapy beam position measurement and dosimeter
  • Multi-strip ionization chamber measurement
  • Particle range verification measurement
  • General high desnity low-current measurement
HV emco

Integrated High Voltage

  • Avoids the need for a separate external HV supply.
  • Precise programmable voltage control.
  • Choice of polarity, positive or negative, and range up to 3000V depending on the product.
  • Shared ground with measurement electronics to eliminate ground loops.
  • Short circuit protection and redundant output voltage monitoring.

IG2 EPICS Support

Integrate device data collection and configuration into an EPICS system, without writing a single line of code using IG2.

  • Runs on Windows and Debian Linux
  • Change PV names with simple XML configuration
  • Connect to multiple Pyramid devices at once
  • Add custom scale factors and offsets on a PV basis
  • Never have to recompile
  • Professional Pyramid support for bugs and features


Configurable EPICS channel access server for G2 and G1 devices

CM100 Render


Particle Therapy Control Console

MLFC-128 Render


Multi-Layer Faraday Collector for Particle Energy Measurement



Ly Faraday Lõi Rắn cho Hạt Có Sạc

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256 Strip QC Ion Chamber

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4 Channel Precision Electrometer with High Voltage



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4 Channel Charge Integrating Digital Electrometer

I128 Render


128 Channel Charge Integrator Digital Electrometer

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