2x Magnetic Field Probe


  • Precision magnetic field measurements on one or two independent channels
  • Very low drift, noise and temperature coefficients from state of the art precision Hall device
  • Probes designed for use in DC and AC fields up to +/- 2.5 T
  • Probe tip slim yet rigid for stable field measurements
  • Choice of signal cable lengths
  • Fast analog outputs for real time field monitoring
  • Fast analog outputs for real time field monitoring values via the host computer
  • Integrated temperature compensation and digitization
  • Fiber-optic data communications to host loop controller


  • Field measurement in DC and AC electromagnets
  • Control and monitoring of X-Y scan magnet systems
  • Accelerator beamline magnet setting and monitoring
  • General magnetic field measurements

Fiber-Optic Communications

Measurement data is transmitted through state-of-the-art fiber-optic cables. The benefits are numerous compared to other forms of data transmission.

  • Fiber-optics are immune to electrical interference
  • Minimal attenuation of light through fibers
  • Fast messaging over enormous distances
  • Radiation hard fiber materials

Control Systems

Pyramid devices are modular and pefect for distributed control systems. Easy to use software and networking make prototyping and integration rapid. Pyramid provides long term customer support and high reliability for final production systems.

Our devices can tolerate high levels of HF, RF and transient electrical noise. The real time fiber optic communications between controllers and front-end devices are completely immune to electrical interference. Fiber optics can also span voltage gaps of hundreds of kilovolts. An example application is control of the power supplies in the the high voltage terminal of an accelerator ion source.


Pyramid offers high speed scanning magnets and Hall probes suitable for pencil beam scanning proton therapy systems. We are experienced at implementing the control systems for particle accelerators and their beamlines. Our devices are proven in the accelerator beamline environments.

Pyramid is pleased to work with FMB-Oxford Ltd to supply products to the international synchrotron light source beamline community.