IGX is the control system running in most G3 devices


IGX is a recursive modular control system framework. I/O within the control system is networked into multiple different protocols by default with no extra effort on behalf of the developer. Addition protocols can be added to IGX without having to change the existing control system code.


  • Built in web server
  • Dynamically generated GUIs from C++
  • Powerful one-liner networked I/O
  • Fully iterable architecture
  • Self documenting components
  • Built in on-demand testing
  • Simple file I/O read/write API
  • Complete EPICS support
  • Built for QNX
  • Built in modbus support
  • Built in MongoDB support



Firmware version numbers and release dates are normally included in the file name as follows: (ProductProcVeryymmdd.extn). Product is the product type, such as M10, Proc is the embedded processor target for the code (PIC microcontroller or FPGA), Ver is the version number, and yymmdd is the release date (year-month-day).

G2 products with A60 processors use a single integrated firmware release zip file that combines processor application and operating system code, plus FPGA codes. The PTC DiagnosticG2 program uses the zip file directly - there is no need to unzip it before uploading.

Firmware and host software is generally backwards-compatible. Where earlier hardware is incompatible, an alternative version is provided. If you have a complete Pyramid control system with customized firmware for your application, you should contact us before attempting any upgrades. If you need more information about compatibility, please contact support@ptcusa.com.