Mini Quadrant Ion Chamber


  • 19mm sensor diameter
  • Quadrant readout electrode
  • Very low scattering
  • Very small insertion length
  • Small gaps for high beam current density performance
  • Laser-machined Kapton (TM) film electrode substrates for radiation hardness and high geometric precision
  • Compatible with I404 or F460 electrometers


  • Particle therapy beam trajectory control
  • Particle therapy beam flux monitoring
  • General high-energy ion beam diagnostics

Expertly Built

Electrodes patterned with unique laser technology. Assembled and tested by highly skilled technicians in our dedicated assembly facility.

  • Rigorously tested beyond normal operating range to ensure uniformity
  • Envirmonmental sensor measured against externally calibrated sources
  • Each ion chamber is fully retested after it has been opened
  • Real calibrated radioactive source is used as reference
  • Full test documentation can be provided for each individual instrument

Ready for FLASH

FLASH therapy is potentially revolutionary to the radiation therapy world. Pyramid is committed to creating instruments suitable for FLASH experiments and making them available to any researcher.

We hope to better understand the challenges and potential pitfalls with FLASH and how to avoid them.

Our team would love to talk to you about your FLASH project. Contact the engineering and sales team to discuss possible solutions.