T1 - Ethernet Magnetic Hall Probes

The T1 wraps the complexity of measuring magnetic fields into a small package. Interchangeable and radiation-resistant hall probes make it perfect for ion source applications. The simple Ethernet or analog interface makes it ideal for system architects. The T1 is best for applications where a desktop gaussmeter would be inappropriate. For example, along a beamline or mounted on the ring magnets of an accelerator.

Prototype custom software using a variety of programming interfaces. Using a couple of lines of standard Python, you can configure and collect useful data. You can even get live data in a spreadsheet without writing any code at all.

The T1 is typically bundled with the HP-1 hall probe and a 6 foot DB-9 cable. Users can extend the signal length using their own DB-9 cables.


  • Plain JSON HTTP API with optional WebSockets
  • Calibrated BNC analog monitor +/-10 Volt output
  • Multiple measurement ranges from 700 to 28k Gauss
  • Configurable sampling rate from 10Hz to 25kHz
  • Excellent noise characteristics: 50mG@10Hz, 120mG@60Hz
  • Ethernet data stream for full 25kHz data at 1kHz update rate
  • Dynamic temperature correction
  • User zeroing via GUI or programmable API


  • Monitoring magnetic beam lines
  • Automated magnet manufacturing
  • Monitoring accelerator ring magnets

HP1 Hall Probe

  • Radiation resistance suitable for accelerator environments
  • Integrated temperature sensor used for dynamic correction
  • Integrated precision gain amplifier
  • Integrated radiation resistant calibration memory
  • Capable of measuring fields as low as 0.1 Gauss and as high as 2.8k Gauss (2.8 Tesla)
  • Low noise and high accuracy traceable to NMR standards
  • Designed for DC or AC signals
  • Optional 3D printed custom housing to fit any magnet

Modern Software Package

  • Runs on the industry proven QNX real-time operating system for unmatched reliability and performance
  • Integrated JSON HTTP or Websocket API for data collection and control
  • Built in EPICS server with PVs for all available IO
  • A powerful web GUI with plotting and data collection capabilities compatible with all modern browsers
  • Universal Plug and Play for easy network discoverability

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