Vacuum Windows


  • Designed for proton beam therapy applications
  • Choice of metalized polyimide for minimal energy degradation and scattering, or bonded titanium or steel for UHV leak rates
  • Choice of flange type
  • Windows individually helium leak-tested


  • Proton beam therapy systems
  • Means for high energy proton beams to leave vacuum and come into atmosphere

Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is well established for the treatment of localized cancer tumors, especially when there are vital organs close by. This healthy tissue sparing makes it the method of choice for maintaining quality of life and especially for treating children. The proton beam delivery is fast and painless.

Proton therapy centers worldwide use Pyramid sensors, electronics, and software. Pyramid offers products for complete systems, sub-systems, or components. For more information see our Pencil Beam Scanning Brochure