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Serial ASCII console

RS-232 is a very mature interface standard, but is still very widely used. Many Pyramid products support RS-232 as well as their primary Ethernet or fiber-optic interfaces. Even if it is not used for primary communication purposes, the RS-232 interface can be used for diagnostic and setup purposes such as interrogating or setting a network address, or reading the firmware version.

Pyramid has created a simple, free to use on-line serial ASCII communication console that can be used with Pyramid products: The console will automatically identify any active COM ports on the host computer and presents them as connection options. Com ports

Once connected, you can send serial strings and see the response of the connected device. Every response is timestamped, and you can repeat command strings by simply clicking on a prior entry. You can set the console to repeat the same command at timed intervals, and send the whole history to a csv file. Serial ASCII session

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