CP15 - Pulse Pre-amplifier for Sodium Iodide Scintillation Detectors

The CP15AF is a compact and cost-effective pre-amplifier for use with sodium iodide scintillation detectors. The CP15AF features built-in filtering matched specifically to photomultiplier-based NaI detectors.

For a fully-featured pulse amplification, shaping, and baseline restoration see the CR10.

For LaCl3, LaBr3, YAP crystals, plastic scintillation, and electron multipliers see the CP10 pre-amplifier optimized for those detector types.

Pair it with the C400 high-speed pulse counter with built-in high voltage biasing for a complete solution.


  • Typically, 400 mV pC-1 at 50% gain setting
  • Time to peak 1.2 µsec, full width at 10% of maximum 3.8 µsec
  • Optimized filtering for clean NaI detector pulses
  • Very compact package about the size of a matchbox
  • DC-coupled and 50 ohm matched
  • Fine gain and offset adjustment pots
  • Choice of inverting or non-inverting via jumper
  • Lemo 00 signal in and out connectors


  • Readout of sodium iodide scintillation/photomultiplier detectors
  • Pulse counting applications
  • Pulse height analysis applications
  • Spectroscopy preamplifier
  • Companion to the C400
C400 Front Render


Four Channel Pulse Counter



Spectroscopy Amplifier for Charge Sensitive Pulse Shaping

CP15AF Render


Pulse Pre-amplifier for Sodium Iodide Scintillation Detectors