4x Fast Electrometer


  • Dynamic range 0.1 nA to 1mA
  • Integrated digitization and filtering
  • On-board data buffer
  • Fiber-optic, RS-232 / RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces
  • Integrated calibration test sources
  • Independent channel gain control
  • External trigger capability
  • Servo controller option
  • Four independent VFC monitor outputs
  • On-board calculation of position function in real time
  • High voltage and low voltage detector bias options


  • Quadrant photodiode readout
  • Beam position monitors
  • Segmented Faraday collectors
  • Current and charge measurement
  • Servo control based on current measurement

Control Systems

Pyramid devices are modular and pefect for distributed control systems. Easy to use software and networking make prototyping and integration rapid. Pyramid provides long term customer support and high reliability for final production systems.

Our devices can tolerate high levels of HF, RF and transient electrical noise. The real time fiber optic communications between controllers and front-end devices are completely immune to electrical interference. Fiber optics can also span voltage gaps of hundreds of kilovolts. An example application is control of the power supplies in the the high voltage terminal of an accelerator ion source.