F460 - 4x Fast Electrometer


  • Dynamic range 0.1 nA to 1mA
  • Integrated digitization and filtering
  • On-board data buffer
  • Fiber-optic, RS-232 / RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces
  • Integrated calibration test sources
  • Independent channel gain control
  • External trigger capability
  • Servo controller option
  • Four independent VFC monitor outputs
  • On-board calculation of position function in real time
  • High voltage and low voltage detector bias options


  • Quadrant photodiode readout
  • Beam position monitors
  • Segmented Faraday collectors
  • Current and charge measurement
  • Servo control based on current measurement

Integrated High Voltage

  • Avoids the need for a separate HV suppy
  • Precise programmable control of voltage
  • Choice of polarity and range up to positive or negative 1000 V
  • Short circuit protection and independent output voltage monitoring

EPICS Support

Integrate device data collection and configuration into an EPICS system, without writing a single line of code using IG2.

  • Runs on Windows 7/8/10 and Debian Linux
  • Change PV names with simple XML configuration
  • Connect to multiple Pyramid devices at once
  • Add custom scale factors and offsets on a PV basis
  • Never have to recompile
  • Professional Pyramid support for bugs and features

Ready for FLASH

FLASH therapy is a potentially revolutionary extension to the effectiveness of proton therapy. Pyramid is committed to creating instruments suitable for FLASH experiments and making them available to any researcher.

By supporting leading edge researchers we continually improve our understanding of the challenges and potential pitfalls of FLASH. The result? Products that are well-matched to your research needs and are available when you need them.

Our team would love to talk to you about your FLASH project. Contact the engineering and sales team to discuss possible solutions.