FX4 - High-speed Quad-channel Precision Electrometer

The FX4 is a 100 kHz, 4-channel electrometer, designed to accommodate nanoamp to milliamp currents, making it an ideal choice for precise and reliable measurements in conjunction with quadrant or segmented detectors.

The FX4 sets new standards in flexibility and connectivity with a built-in web GUI with HTTP/WebSocket API, built-in EPICS server and straightforward and fully documented interfacing to host software written in C++, Python, Java, and other common languages. More than a simple current measurement device, the FX4 provides a full range of additional I/O for controlling and monitoring other equipment. A flexible arithmetic feature allows monitor outputs to track analog values in real time including measured currents, charge, arithmetic combinations of currents and beam position. Digital I/O can be configured for triggering, gating, status indications, PWM and many other functions. Users who need to deliver precise doses of ionizing radiation for medical or industrial purposes will appreciate the fully featured dose control and interlocking functions that are built in to the FX4.

Equipped with an integrated high-voltage source, the FX4 facilitates compatibility with ionization chamber, low-voltage bias applications, and electron suppression rings, ensuring versatility in various experimental setups.


  • Dynamic ranges from 0.02nA to 10mA
  • 100kHz simultaneous digitization
  • High voltage detector bias options up to +/-2000V
  • Ethernet interface with web GUI and HTTP/WebSocket API
  • Built-in EPICS server
  • Charge accumulation and dose control
  • External digital trigger capability
  • 4 general purpose analog outputs
  • 4 bidirectional digital I/O
  • 6 general purpose fiber optic pairs
  • 2 solid state relays with safety watchdogs
  • 8 selectable measurement ranges and bandwidths


  • Quadrant ionization chamber readout
  • Quadrant photodiode and diamond readout
  • Dose delivery control
  • Beam stabilization

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