IC64-16SG - 64 Strip Transmission Small Gap IC for Flash Therapy

The IC64-16SG is the first large-area ion chamber specifically designed for flash therapy research and treatment. Its compact design features a 16cm by 16cm sensitive area, dual-gap dose plane, and durable Kapton foils, ensuring low WET and radiation resistance. The IC64-16SG is compatible with I128, IX256, or third-party readout electronics. Remote electronics improve radiation resistance, easier packaging in clinical nozzle systems, and a choice of electronics readout.

The IC64-16SG excels in various applications, with a focus on flash or ultra-high dose rate therapy for scanned and scattered beams. As the only off-the-shelf solution designed for permanent installations, it offers a reliable and adaptable choice for cutting-edge particle therapy and diagnostics.


  • 16cm by 16cm sensor area with 2.5mm pitch strips
  • Minimal gaps for reduced recombination losses
  • Compact 51mm beamline insertion length
  • High voltage sense loopback feature
  • Enhanced signal & noise reduction with dual-gap dose plane
  • Precise gold electrode design for oxide-free reliability
  • Durable Kapton foils with low WET & high radiation resistance
  • Built-in temperature, pressure, & humidity sensors
  • Operation with atmospheric air filling or with flow gas


  • Flash therapy research for scanned & scattered beams
  • Pulsed beam tracking & dosimetry
  • Comprehensive particle therapy scanned beam tracking & dosimetry
  • Precise pencil beam scanning control
  • Advanced high-energy ion beam diagnostics
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Flash therapy stands as a breakthrough in radiation therapy. Our commitment centers on delivering researcher-focused, state-of-the-art Flash therapy instruments, prioritizing accessibility and promoting collaboration within the industry.

For expert guidance and partnership opportunities in upcoming radiation therapy endeavors, engage with our dedicated engineering and sales team team today.

Close Up on Strips

Strip Detectors

Strip detectors have a balance between accuracy on beam position and noise levels. Our strip detectors offer the highest resolution and lowest noise on the market.

  • Laser-machined polyimide electrode substrates
  • High geometric precision
  • Radiation hard with minimal scattering
  • Gold plated readout electrodes
IC128-25 Render


128x128 Strip Transmission Monitor Ion Chamber with Dose Plane

Sensor Board Closeup

Integrated Environment Sensors

Our ion chambers include integrated sensors for dynamic corrections. No need for inconvenient external instruments.

  • Humidity, temperature, and pressure sensors
  • Replaceable camber desiccant
Hand testing IC

Expertly Built

Electrodes etched with unique laser technology. Assembled and tested by highly skilled technicians in our USA facility.

  • Rigorously tested beyond the operating range for uniformity
  • Tested with real radiation sources
  • White glove treatment from start to finish
  • Full documentation provided for each instrument
CM100 Render


Particle Therapy Control Console

MLFC-128 Render


Multi-Layer Faraday Collector for Particle Energy Measurement



Faraday Cup Beam Collector for Particle Therapy QA and Diagnostics

IC256-45 Render


256 Strip QC Ion Chamber

IC128-25 Render


128x128 Strip Transmission Monitor Ion Chamber with Dose Plane

IC64-16 Render


64 Strip Transmission Small Gap IC for Flash Therapy

IC64-6 Render


64x64 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber

PX3 Render


120 Pixel Transmission Ion Chamber