New G2 Platform!

Popular products gain functionality with new software

The Pyramid G2 platform provides Ethernet connection either directly to products that have an Ethernet port, or via any of the loop controller products. The Pyramid IG2 service allows G2-enabled devices to connect via the EPICS layer, and thus to a wide variety of client software packages for data presentation and analysis. The widely-used I400, I200 and I404 products from Pyramid have now been added to the list of devices that are supported under G2. Up to thirty devices connected in two fiber optic loops can be accessed through a single A360 loop controller, for example. Furthermore, G2 products such as the F460 and C400 can now be used as loop controllers to connect the I400, I200, I404 and IC101 in a similar way. Lead software developer Kendall McCarthy comments "We have reproduced the broad functionality of the G1 Diagnostic software in the new G2 screens. The access to the IG2 EPICS service opens up many new options for users. We are always happy to hear from users about new features they would like to see in the software." GI, G2 and IG2 software are included with the I400, I200 and I404 at no additional cost.

G2 Diagnostic Screenshot

G2 Diagnostic

Monitor and Control Devices


G1 Diagnostic

Monitor and Control G1 Devices



2x Charge Integrator

I400 Render


4 Channel Biased Input Charge Integrating Electrometer

I404 Render


4 Channel Charge Integrating Digital Electrometer



Fiber-Optic Loop Controller

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