New Trigger Modes for IC101

The popular IC101 integrating electrometer gets an upgrade

New external trigger modes have been added to the popular IC101 integrating electrometer. The External_Start_Stop mode waits for a trigger edge on the gate input, then makes integrations while the line is high. The External_Start_Hold is particularly suitable for applications where the signal is pulsed. Instead of stopping when the falling trigger edge is detected, the IC101 pauses acquisition, then resumes when the next rising edge appears, and so on. By appropriate setting of the length of the gate signals and the integration time, you can arrange the IC101 to take any desired number of readings per trigger cycle. The trigger pulses do not even need to appear at regular intervals. The IC101 offers great flexibility in a compact, cost-effective and easy-to-use package. It has a dynamic range from 200 uA down to less than 1 pA. As well as the enhanced triggering, there is a wide range of high voltage options and multiple communication options. Real-time monitor outputs track the input signal as both analog voltage and a VFC-like frequency that can be fed to any suitable counter. The monitor outputs can be scaled by the user, and there is a log mode available for the frequency output.

IC101 Render


Precision Electrometer Digital Current Integrator with High Voltage

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