CR10 - Charge Sensitive Shaping Preamp

The CR10 amplifies and conditions pulses generated from radiation detectors. These include, diodes, proportional counters, Geiger counters, photomultipliers, and channel electron multipliers.

The CR10 is for moderate count rate applications where the charge in each pulse is important. It is suitable for readout detectors that need a bias voltage.

The -BR option adds a baseline restorer module. We recommend this option for applications where the count rate can exceed 10kHz. This is especially important if accurate pulse height measurement is the goal.


  • Compact integrated unit
  • Gaussian output pulse shape
  • Configurable for a wide range of sensor applications
  • 3 kV bias voltage standoff
  • Compatible with the C400 fast pulse counting system
  • Based on proven high-performance Cremat circuits


  • Readout of gas detectors, scintillators, solid-state detectors
  • Front-end for pulse counting systems
  • Front-end for pulse height analysis systems

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