32-Channel Fast Electrometer


  • Thirty-two parallel multi-range current to voltage converter channels
  • Bipolar inputs, bandwidth DC to 250 kHz
  • Dynamic range <1 nA to 10 mA over four measurement ranges
  • Thirty-two 14 bit 1 MHz ADCs for fully parallel sampling
  • Integrated data buffering and communications
  • Multiple digital filtering options
  • Integrated high-precision calibration test sources covering all ranges
  • External calibration current input for calibration checking against accredited external current source
  • Optional integrated HV supply
  • Integrated digital I/O (for actuator solenoid control or similar applications)
  • Ethernet, fiber-optic or serial communications interfaces


  • Faraday cup arrays
  • Swept beam systems
  • Multi-segment photodiode arrays
  • Pulsed-beam ionization chambers


Our new products will sometimes replace older ones. We call these older devices "legacy". Although we still make legacy devices, we no longer recommend using them in new designs.

We will continue to support legacy products with software and hardware fixes.