PX-3 - 120 Pixel Transmission Ion Chamber


  • Choice of 42mm or 28 mm diameter sensitive area
  • Low insertion length 20mm face to face
  • 120 pixels with parallel readout
  • Ultra-low scattering thin film electrodes
  • Negligible beam scattering
  • HV loopback for bias voltage validation
  • Operates in air or with flow-through gas mixtures
  • Compatible with I128 and I6400 electrometers


  • Particle therapy pre-scanned beam monitoring
  • Particle therapy pre-scanned beam upgrades
  • General high energy ion beam diagnostics


  • Compatible with protons, deuterons, and fully-stripped carbon
  • Energy range 30MeV/nucleon to 500MeV/nucleon
  • Gain uniformity better than +/-2% for beams within the sensitive area
  • Position linearity better than 50µm maximum deviation
  • Tolerance relative to body fiducials < +/-0.1mm typical, +/-0.3mm max
IC Pixel Grid Close Up

Pixelated Detectors

Pixelated detectors offer many advantages over strip detectors as they are capable of determining beam shape without ambiguity.

  • High precision pixels on gold film provide excellent reliability
  • Fine resolution data enable confidence in beam quality
  • Compliments the strengths of the gamma index
PX3 Render


120 Pixel Transmission Ion Chamber

Sensor Board Closeup

Integrated Environment Sensors

Our ion chambers include integrated sensors for dynamic corrections. No need for inconvenient external instruments.

  • Humidity, temperature, and pressure sensors
  • Replaceable camber desiccant
Hand testing IC

Expertly Built

Electrodes etched with unique laser technology. Assembled and tested by highly skilled technicians in our USA facility.

  • Rigorously tested beyond the operating range for uniformity
  • Tested with real radiation sources
  • White glove treatment from start to finish
  • Full documentation provided for each instrument
Isocenter Rail IC64-6 BC-75

Isocenter Diagnostics Equipment

Our isocenter equipment line expands the capabilities of medical and research institutions by catering to underserved applications and addressing intricate use cases. By providing modular and integrated solutions customized to meet each customer's distinct requirements, we enhance their overall experience and outcomes.

Combinations of detectors and electronics combine into pre-packaged experiments and QA tools. MLFC-128, BC-75, IC64-6, PX-3, F460, I128, and the IC-101 integrate to fit your specifications.

CM100 Render


Particle Therapy Control Console

MLFC-128 Render


Multi-Layer Faraday Collector for Particle Energy Measurement



Faraday Cup Beam Collector for Particle Therapy QA and Diagnostics

IC256-45 Render


256 Strip QC Ion Chamber

IC128-25 Render


128x128 Strip Transmission Monitor Ion Chamber with Dose Plane

IC64-16 Render


64 Strip Transmission Small Gap IC for Flash Therapy

IC64-6 Render


64x64 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber

PX3 Render


120 Pixel Transmission Ion Chamber