120 Pixel Ion Chamber


  • 42mm diameter sensitive area
  • Low insertion length 20mm face to face
  • 120 pixels with parallel readout
  • Ultra-low scattering thin film electrodes
  • Negligible beam scattering
  • HV loopback
  • Operates in air or with flow-through gas mixtures
  • Compatible with I128 and I6400 electrometers


  • Particle therapy pre-scan beam monitoring
  • Particle therapy "IC1" upgrades
  • General high energy ion beam diagnostics


  • Compatible with protons, deuterons, and fully-stripped carbon
  • Energy range 30MeV/nucleon to 500MeV/nucleon
  • Gain uniformity better than +/-2% for beams within the sensitive area
  • Position linearity better than 50µm maximum deviation
  • Tolerance relative to body fiducials < +/-0.1mm typical, +/-0.3mm max

Pixelated Detector

Pixelated detectors offer many advantages over strip detectors as they are capable of determining beam shape without ambiguity.

  • High precision pixels on gold film provide excellent reliability
  • Fine resolution data enable confidence in beam quality
  • Compliments the strengths of the gamma index

Integrated Environment Sensors

Our ion chambers include integrated sensors for environmental corrections. No need for costly and inconvenient external instruments.

  • Humidity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Pressure sesnor
  • Replacable desiccant

Expertly Built

Electrodes patterned with unique laser technology. Assembled and tested by highly skilled technicians in our dedicated assembly facility.

  • Rigorously tested beyond normal operating range to ensure uniformity
  • Envirmonmental sensor measured against externally calibrated sources
  • Each ion chamber is fully retested after it has been opened
  • Real calibrated radioactive source is used as reference
  • Full test documentation can be provided for each individual instrument