BC-75 - Faraday Collector

The BC-75 takes a traditional Faraday cup and turns it into a convenient product, suitable for daily QA. It provides direct beam current measurement with absolute accuracy independent of energy.

This easy-to-use device yields results that are comparable to traditional Faraday cups. All without the hassle of vacuum systems and high voltage bias.

A BC-75 can drop into an existing daily QA workflow with minimal effort. It is compatible with Pyramid's charge measurement devices as well as an existing third-party device. Measurements of 10pA or less are possible using Pyramid's IC101 high-performance electrometer.

Interested in doing measurements for FLASH therapy research? You will be hard-pressed to find a better off-the-shelf solution. The BC-75 can handle massive beam currents up to 10uA. Pair it with one of Pyramid's current measuring devices for the best results.

Contact Pyramid's engineering and sales team to request a demo system. It has everything you need to get started including a laptop with all the required software installed.


  • Direct measurement of high energy proton beam current
  • Proton energies from 30 to 250 MeV
  • Minimal dependence on beam energy
  • Operates in air - no vacuum system or HV bias required
  • Compatible with IC101, I200, F460, and the F100
  • Based on a proven concept from Bernard Gottschalk developed and used at Harvard Cyclotron Laboratory


  • Particle therapy pencil beam quality assurance
  • Accelerator development
  • Particle therapy system commissioning
  • General high energy ion beam diagnostics

Ready for FLASH

FLASH therapy is a potentially revolutionary extension to the effectiveness of proton therapy. Pyramid is committed to creating instruments suitable for FLASH experiments and making them available to any researcher.

By supporting leading edge researchers we continually improve our understanding of the challenges and potential pitfalls of FLASH. The result? Products that are well-matched to your research needs and are available when you need them.

Our team would love to talk to you about your FLASH project. Contact the engineering and sales team to discuss possible solutions.