Multi-Layer Faraday Collector

Compact stable measurement of charged particle beam energy.


  • Independent and absolute beam energy measurement
  • Very high resolution up to 0.1 MeV
  • Total beam current measurement
  • Excellent reproducibility, stable with time and temperature
  • Compact and portable design
  • No vacuum system or HV bias required
  • Available in 250 MeV or 125 MeV versions
  • Works well with the I128 and PBA


  • Proton therapy pencil beam QA
  • Particle accelerator development
  • Proton therapy system commissioning

MicroHex Energy Filter

Sometimes it is helpful to blur or spread out your beam. This allows you to see peaks and valleys of an otherwise narrow energy distribution. If you blur in a consistent manner you can back out the real energy distribution in a post analysis.

  • Optional copper filter built into the MLFC front layer
  • High precision machining for optimal reproducibility

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